A Calendar for Tradespeople.

Save your evenings and weekends from paperwork
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How does Fixington help businesses?

– Create and send easy invoices and estimates for any of your jobs and customers.
– Send your invoices and estimates by email, whatsapp, facebook messenger.. however you like..
– Schedule jobs with multiple appointments, and saved customer details and addresses
– Mark invoices as paid for easy reporting for unpaid invoices
– Make your end of year easier, with total invoice and payment numbers for any date period.

What does it look like?

Always carry your schedule with you with a clear job list. Record charges, payments, and have access to your customers' details for every job that you're working on. All of this is saved and backed up so that you can lose your phone, and log in again at any time.
Invoices are created with just a click from every job that you add into your calendar. Simply update any details, and email customers right from your phone. Your business details and customer details are always saved for future use.
You can see how much you're earning, and who hasn't paid you yet, on your phone. Just been paid? Record the payment on a job in just a couple of taps, and keep your reports and job information up-to-date.
Fixington works seamlessly online and offline. Everything you do is automatically backed up to a central server so you can lose or break your phone and you won't lose your data. No phone signal? Not a problem, you can still browse, edit and add jobs on your phone.... we'll save them when you're next online.

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