A Calendar for Tradespeople.

Save your evenings and weekends from paperwork
with the Fixington iPhone app and website.

Estimate • Schedule • Invoice

Never lose track

Carry your schedule, job info and your customer details with you everywhere.

Get paid quicker

Send clear invoices to your customers directly from your phone.

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Paperwork on the go.


Easy admin

Customer details, your schedule, and customisable invoices & estimates, all available on your phone, created with just a few taps.

Safe and secure

Synced, backed up, and available on any desktop/phone you log in to.

The best support

Designed and updated seamlessly from over 5000 tradespeople’s feedback, with responsive expert support.

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Fixington Pro
for iPads and your desktop

Fixington has always been the ultimate free tool for tradespeople everywhere on their iPhones. For those looking for more, upgrade to Fixington Pro for better access to your data on more devices.

– Access on multiple devices, including iPads
– Access to your data on our website, including downloadable invoices.
– Create jobs, customers and invoices using just a web browser

Monthly price: £7.50

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Fixington.com Bookings

Stay busy with Fixington bookings. No more paying for leads, wasting time quoting for cheap jobs. Get instant home project and repair bookings whenever you need them (and only when you need them) from customers booking through us.

– Customers local to where you live
– Confirmed bookings from customers paying online
– Instant payments and rolling 7-day payouts.

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