Repair or replace a tap

Our independent plumbers can fix all sorts of problems you might have with taps in your bathroom or kitchen. Our experienced plumbers can repair or replace mixer taps, thermostatic taps, outside taps and other types of tap.

Repair or replace a tap

What type of tap do you have?

Quarter-turn ceramic valves

Taps which have handles which just move a quarter of a turn use ceramic valves rather than washers. Ceramic valves are also used in single-lever mixer taps (where you move a lever up and down to control the flow and left to right to control the temperature). Ceramic valves often last many years before needing to be replaced, but they can be tricky to replace. The valves are not standard, so you need to know the make and model of your tap in order to get a replacement valve which will fit. With the right valve, replacement is as simple as replacing a washer. You just need to turn off the water, disassemble the tap, and swap out the old valve for a new one.

If you cannot source a replacement valve easily, then it is often easiest and cheapest to replace the whole tap.

Thermostatic taps

Some taps, usually only found in baths and showers, have thermostats built into the tap to maintain a constant temperature in the mixed water, even if the temperature or pressure of the incoming hot and cold water fluctuates. This prevents water which is dangerously hot passing through the tap (and stops you getting a cold surprise if the hot water pressure drops for some reason). These taps can be identified with some sort of temperature marking on the tap and/or a push-button built into the control knob to stop you accidentally setting the temperature too high.

Thermostatic valves are more expensive than normal ceramic valves, but they are easier to identify and source as they usually have manufacturer’s marks on them.

Old-school tap with washers

Taps with handles which can be turned round and round rather than just a quarter of a turn have washers in them. The tap screws down as you turn it to push the washer against the water flow and stop the water coming through the tap. Washers are very straightforward to replace and are usually of a standard size so easy to get hold of. You just need to turn off the water, disassemble the tap and replace the washer.

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