No hot water?

No-one likes a cold shower. We have qualified and reliable Gas Safe Registered tradesmen available in our network to get your hot water working again.

No hot water

Reasons why you might have no hot water

Boiler has broken down

If you have no heat to your radiators, and no hot water, your boiler has probably broken down. See our page about boiler problems for more tips.

Settings / timer is wrong

Most houses have some kind of control system to determine when the boiler should heat the radiators and when it should heat the hot water. Check that these controls are set to call for hot water right now. Also, check that the time on the control unit is set correctly.

A motorised valve has failed

The controls mentioned above will be connected to a motorised valve (also known as a Honeywell valve, after the largest manufacturer of these valves). These valves will route hot water from the boiler through the radiators, or to the hot water tank, or both according to signals from the control unit. If the valve has failed, it might be stuck so that heated water from the boiler is not running through the tank.

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You can move these valves manually to temporarily sort the problem, but you’d need to spend a bit of time figuring out which way is “water”, which is “radiators” and which is “both” in order to know where to set the valve correctly. It is also possible to get yourself in a serious pickle by setting the valve permanently open to the water tank, and so heating up your water far hotter than it should be.

Immersion heater has failed

If your hot water tank is heated by an electric immersion heater, this might have failed (which they all do after a while). This is usually a simple enough job to replace, although an immersion element which has been in place for many years might be very hard to remove.

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