Installing new lights or light fittings

We have a network of approved electricians who can fit a light for you. Our independent expert electricians can install a new light at an existing point, or wire up a new lighting point for you.

Install new lights

Things to think about when selecting a new light fitting


Is the area in contact with the ceiling or wall the same as the old fitting? The paintwork behind the existing light may not be decorated as recently as the rest of the ceiling or wall. Bear this in mind if you are purchasing a light fitting which covers less of the ceiling that your existing one. You might need to touch up the paintwork to cover where the old fitting was.

Halogen lights with transformers

Most halogen lights (small, bright lights often recessed into the ceiling) run on 12V, so require a transformer to step the voltage down from 240v. Sometimes the transformer is built into the light, but some arrays of lights will share a transformer between several lights, so you need to be careful if you are replacing one light in an array, to be sure that it will work. If the existing light is relying on a separate transformer, don’t buy a new light with a built-in transformer. You’ll need to buy a light which can be connected up to the existing transformer (which will probably be sitting in the ceiling void somewhere and may be hard to locate). If you aren’t sure, ask an electrician for advice before you purchase the light.

Safe for bathrooms?

Lights in bathrooms which are close to a shower head need to be especially rated for use in bathrooms. Anything immediately above the bath or shower (known as Zone 1) should be rated at least IP65. Anything not directly above, but still within 60cm of the bath or shower (known as Zone 2) should be rated at least IP44.

Are you replacing an existing light?

Installing a light where there hasn’t been one before is a lot more work than just replacing an existing fitting. You’ll need new wiring to supply the light, and that needs to be done by an electrician. The work required will depend on where the nearest part of the lighting circuit is and how hard it is to run new cabling from there to where you need your light. But if you book a visit from one of our electricians he can give you a firm estimate once he’s seen what is involved and if you want to go ahead he’ll usually be able to complete the work there and then.

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