Install a new sink or basin

Fitting a new basin can be done within one hour if the existing plumbing does not need too much adjustment. Allow two hours, or more, if the pipework needs replacing or repositioning to marry up with the position of the new taps and drain.

Install a basin

Things to think about when installing a new basin

Is it replacing an existing basin?

You might want to install a new basin because the old one is cracked, or just a bit tired. This is reasonably straightforward – one of our expert plumbers can fit the taps, connect the plughole to the drain, and everything else that needs doing to install your basin or sink.

If there are tiles around the basin, it might not be possible to save these when the old basin is removed, so some re-tiling might be required after the basin is fitted.

Or fitting a basin where there hasn’t been one before?

Fitting a basin where there hasn’t been one before is a bit harder. A basin needs three things: something to attach it to (usually the wall, of course, but sometimes basins are set into worktops or boxing), a water supply, and somewhere to for the water to drain. Running new pipework to attach to the existing plumbing is quite possible and the time required depends on how far away the plumbing is, and what route through the house it needs to take. Is it a short run, perhaps through a stud wall (easy enough)? Or some distance, through or around solid walls and up to a different floor?

Whatever the circumstances, one of our experienced plumbers can help you. Book online or give us a call.


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