Fix a leak

Our network of independent plumbers can repair all types of leaks in your plumbing. Our experienced plumbers can fix leaks in the pipes supplying water to your house and around it or in the drainage pipework taking water away, or any other type of leak.

Fix a leak

Some tips to deal with leaks

Try and find the source of the leak

Finding the source of a leak can sometimes be a lot harder than actually fixing it. If you can see, and reach, where the water is actually coming from, then the leak can usually be fixed within an hour. If you can’t, then a plumber might need to cut into the ceiling, or remove boxing around your pipes, to locate the leak. 

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Find out how to turn off your water supply

If the leak is bad, you should turn off the water to stop the damage getting worse. Within the house, the water supply stop cock will usually be in the kitchen under the sink.

If you can’t find your stop cock in your house to turn off the water, or if it doesn’t work, then look in the street immediately outside your house for a small, square, black cover (about 6 inches square). It will have a round lid with the word “water” on it. Lift that lid, and the foam insulation block below it. You’ll find a long plastic key which will fit into a slot. Turn the key clockwise to turn off the water.

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