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Connect washing machine

Things to think about when connecting a washing machine

To connect up a modern washing machine you usually just require a cold water supply coming in, and a drain connection to take the used water out. Some machines require hot and cold water supplies (but most machines just heat the cold water themselves, rather than relying on the household hot water).

Water in

The pipe bringing water in will usually be copper, about 1.5cm wide. It will have a little screw fitting on the end with a small lever to turn the water on and off. The flexible hose from the washing machine screws onto this.

Water out

The drain, to take the used water away, will be usually white plastic, much wider than the copper pipes bring the water in (about 4cm diameter), and the hose from the washing machine can just slide into this drain as long as the drain pipe is vertical at the end, and the top of the pipe is roughly the same height as the top of the washing machine. If the washing machine is near a sink, you can instead usually connect the drain to a special spigot (sticky-outy bit) on the U-bend under the sink. The water from the washing machine then drains into the same drain as your sink.

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Don’t forget your washing machine will need to be plugged into a power socket! If you need to run the cable through a worktop, or through the side of a cupboard, consider cutting the moulded plug off, threading the cable through your hole, then re-wiring a new plug on the end of the cable. This means you can cut just a small hole for the cable, not a large hole for the whole plug.

Transit brackets

New washing machines are usually delivered with “transit brackets” which you must remove before using the machine. The transit brackets fix the drum in place to stop it wobbling around on its springs while it is being transported and lugged from one warehouse to another. But in use, you need the drum to wobble around on its springs, otherwise with the whole machine will shake around like an angry, deranged robot. Scary, and can damage the washing machine. The installation instructions will tell you how to remove the brackets (and, often, there will be big yellow stickers pointing them out).

If you need help with any of this, book one of our plumbers online to come and install your washing machine for you.

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